data capture that's easy peazy lemon squeezy!

Sophisticated easy to understand reporting

By firstly understanding your customers, you are able to fully understand your business. With our in depth reporting and easy to view graph models and analytics, you are able to create bespoke reports that you are able to share with your peers and clients.

Keeping ahead of the trends

Our sophisticated software systems are able to recognise trends within a particular industry or sector ensuring you are in a position of strength when making future strategies or tweaking your current business model.

Export your data

If you want to analyze your data offline or share it with others you can simply download your data straight to into a .CSV file and you'll be able to pull into things like Excel, Open Office, and NeoOffice. You are also able to export this data into almost any email service provider. We recommend you use Mailzulu for all email marketing activities.

Real time, go anywhere cloud database

Our systems are designed to ensure you achieve maximum return on your investment. That's why inside our powerful systems is your very own customizable database. Not only does your back office staff have full access, even from a remote location, they are able to input data and monitor trends and feedback.

Growing your database organically

You are able to grow your database organically by ensuring you have accurate, real-time opted in data that your customers are inputting for you on a daily basis. In a recent case study, we grew an independent restaurateur's database by 25 000 in 1 year alone.

Quality control

Survey Says is a perfect way to fully understand your customers concerns. Sometimes not all customers feel they are able to give honest feedback face to face, or they may wish to remain anonymous. By using our systems, you are able to gain a full understanding of any quality control issues you may need to have addressed and implement a staff training programme to ensure that you are one step ahead of your competitors.

Your own logo and corporate identity

Choose from an unbranded survey to a full logo identity that is fully customised to fit your corporate identity. Just provide us with your logo and website address and we will create beautiful, free flowing surveys that are not only in keeping with your corporate branding they can even redirect a customer back to your site.

Building the survey

Choose from our pre defined industry based questions, or incorporate your own unlimited number of bespoke questions depending on what results you would like to achieve.

Full support

Each customer is assigned a dedicated customer service agent that will guide you through your survey process from start to finish. You will be supplied with white papers and case studies to learn how to fully utilize your new software and implement best practise to ensure that you are maximising your return on investment.

Peace of mind

We use the latest IT security technology and server support to ensure that data is backed up every day to ensure that no matter how big or small your organisation, your data is safe and secure.

Data entry

Survey says has been build to ensure that you can use any type of electronic device to capture data. It is also available in hard copy format that can be entered manually into the system. Our systems work in such a way that you do not need an internet connection when conducting field based research. It will automatically sync to your database wirelessly. Surveys can be linked to your website, a standalone webpage, an independent or network linked device or, on a good old fashioned piece of paper.